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RM4DF SigMaster

Part II: The Config File

Getting Started

The first thing we need to do is open up the config.inc file that's located in our /modules/Roster_Master directory. You can use your favorite HTML editor, or failing that, Notepad. (Just make sure Notepad doesn't save the file as config.inc.txt!)

You should already be fairly familiar with the contents of this file if you've successfully installed RM4DF. The section we're after is near the bottom, and it should look something like this:

// ******************** Signature Generator Options ********************
// dynamic sigs:  1 - Offer/create dynamic signatures. (Default)
//                0 - Disable signatures.
//                This feature requires GD 2.0.1 or later and the FreeType library.
//                The server must have read/write access to the
//                modules/Roster_Master/signatures directory in order to use this feature
//                (chown apache:apache signatures/ is suggested).
//                You must turn ON Dragonfly's LEO feature in order to ensure that files
//                are cached properly by client browsers.
$config['dynamic_sigs'] = 1;

// exclude ranks: Array of ranks to be excluded from the
//                ability to create a signature.
$config['exclude_ranks'] = array('Recruit', 'Initiate');

// The base name (without file extension) of the signature block image
// PNG file(s). This file must be located in the
// "modules/{$mod_dirname}/images/sigblocks/" directory and readable by
// the web server user. If this file cannot be found, Signature Master
// will fall back to using "default_sigblock.png" as the file name
// before giving up. The template that Signature Master will look for
// must be named the same as the signature block image file or
// sigblock_basename setting (case sensitive), but with the 'txt'
// extension.
$config['sigblock_basename'] = 'CFLogo_sigblock';

// sigblock type: ARCH  - Uses one of four base images, depending on the character's
//                        class archetype (fighter, mage, priest, or scout).
//                CLASS - Uses one of 24 base images, depending on the character's class.
//                RANK  - Display one of two base images, officers are differentiated.
//                <NULL> - Only one base image is used. (Default)
$config['sigblock_type'] = '';

// The quality of the output JPEG file. Ranges from 0 (worst quality,
// smaller file) to 100 (best quality, biggest file). The default is the
// default IJG quality value (about 75).
$config['JPEG_quality'] = 75;
We need to change the default values to reflect our guild's preferences.

Let's go item by item:

  1. $config['dynamic_sigs'] = 1;
    • The default value, as you can see, is "1." This means that sigs are enabled, which is what we want. We're going to leave this one alone. :)

  2. $config['exclude_ranks'] = array('Recruit', 'Initiate');
    • This is where you list the ranks that you DON'T want to have access to a sig, if any.
    • Each value should be in 'single quotes' with commas outside the quotes separating multiple values, as illustrated.
    • If you don't want to exclude any ranks, simply delete everything inside the (parentheses).

  3. $config['sigblock_basename'] = 'CFLogo_sigblock';
    • This one's important. This is the default base image that will be used for all sigs that don't have any other base image specified. (I'll explain all that soon.)
    • The filename is CaSe SeNsItIvE, and it shouldn't contain anything other than letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes.
    • I recommend naming it after your guild. Mine, for instance, is "Halasian_Empire."
    • This file MUST be a PNG image.

  4. $config['sigblock_type'] = '';
    • This one is also important, since this setting determines how many base images you have to create and upload. :)
    • The default value, <NULL> (nothing between the quotes), will use the default base image we specified in #3 for every character, no matter their class or rank.
    • ARCH will use one of four images depending on the archetype of the character.
      • These filenames must be prepended with your (CaSe SeNsItIvE) default base image name and an underscore; besides the portion that is your default base image name, they must be lowercase:
        • Halasian_Empire_fighter.png
        • Halasian_Empire_mage.png
        • Halasian_Empire_priest.png
        • Halasian_Empire_scout.png
      • If any of those four images doesn't exist, the default base image will be used instead of the missing image.
    • CLASS works just like ARCH, except it requires a base image for each of the 24 adventure classes.
      • These filenames must be appended with your (CaSe SeNsItIvE) default base image name and an underscore; besides the portion that is your default base image name, they must be lowercase, and classes that contain a space (right now, only Shadow Knight) should have the space replaced with an underscore:
        • Halasian_Empire_assassin.png
        • Halasian_Empire_mystic.png
        • Halasian_Empire_shadow_knight.png
        • Halasian_Empire_wizard.png
      • If any of those 24 images doesn't exist, the default base image will be used instead of the missing image.
    • RANK works just like ARCH and CLASS, except there's just one other image involved.
      • Officers are differentiated with the alternate image.
      • Members will use the default base image.
    • For simplicity's sake, you may want to leave the value at <NULL> until we're sure the sigs are generating properly.
    • These files MUST be PNG images.

  5. $config['JPEG_quality'] = 75;
    • This is the end quality (in percentage) of the dynamically-generated sig image.
    • Lower number = worse quality = smaller file = shorter load time.
    • Higher number = better quality = bigger file = longer load time.
    • It may take some trial and error before you find a quality setting that works for you. You should aim for a good balance between image quality and filesize. I usually set mine at 95, but most people use a lower number.
Once all your settings have been changed to your preferred values, save and upload your edited config.inc into your /modules/Roster_Master directory. You won't have to force a roster refresh for these changes to take effect.

Ready to dig around in a template file?

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