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Signatures, Avatars, Paperdolls, Portraits, Wallpapers, Website Banners/Logos, and more!

If you're looking for EQ2 icon downloads, you can find them here!

I created this website to artfully host the ever-increasing numbers of typically FREE signature graphics, avatars, portraits, and other images that I create, all of which are from or inspired by EverQuest II.

Please use the menu to the left to browse this site's galleries, informational pages, and other resources.

To check the status of your pending request, please visit my Waiting List.

If you would like to request a graphic, I've created a request form that can be used to submit your information to me. Alternatively, you can also submit requests by responding to one of my forum posts:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!
If you like my work, kindly consider making a small donation. My graphics are free, as always, but thanks in any form are always greatly appreciated!
Please DO NOT hotlink to any of my graphics. I am not a free image host.

When I finish a request, I attach your graphics to an email and send them to you at the address you used to place your request. If you didn't get such an email, you can right-click and "Save" from this website or my EQ2 Forums thread. You should upload those graphics to your own website or a free image host and reference that URL instead.

I have and will continue to block access to images on my server that are referenced without my permission. If your graphics are suddenly replaced by this banner, you know you've been blocked:

EQ2 Graphics :: Custom EverQuest II Graphics by Seagoat
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